Episode 002 How to Have Enough Money to Travel with Jessica Montague March

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Money is one of the biggest barriers for people who want to travel and we are here to help inspire you with ways to save money and get on your next family vacation. Today Lisa talks with Jessica Montague March all about budgeting for family travel along with ideas for smart spending while on a trip. Jessica share great insights about how her family manages their money and strategies for saving up for the next big trip. 

Listen in to discover how Jessica’s family is able to save money and travel in a way that is smart and budget friendly. We talk about practical savings tips that you can apply now to start growing your travel fund and getting out on vacation with your family.

Sometimes you go without and look at the big picture, then when you go on the trip the sacrifice is worth it.
— Jessica Montague March

Items covered in this episode:

Before the trip (budgeting)

  • Making a family travel budget

  • How the travel budget works

  • Saving the right amount of money to do the trips you want to do

  • Where to cut in daily life so you have more travel money

  • Budgeting resources

During the trip (spending smart)

  • Planning activities to match the budget

  • Budget friendly trip options

  • Finding travel deals - is that even a possibility?

  • Ideas on saving money on food while traveling

  • How to be spent about spending while on the trip

“There’s always stuff to do in your own backyard.:

“We live a simple life so we can splurge on traveling.”

“In your own hometown there are a lot of free things to do.”

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