Episode 004 How to Create the Perfect Family Beach Day with Jenna McDowell

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Creating a wonderful family day at the beach can take some planning and organization and it is well worth the effort. Join in as we chat with Jenna McDowell about all things beach. She shares many excellent insights about what to pack for the beach, favorite beach foods for kids, what makes a great beach location, favorite beach activities for all ages, ideas for storing beach gear at home and so much more. Come learn about ways to make your family beach time more meaningful.

Sand in the car is a little sprinkle of a good day
— Jenna McDowell

Show Notes

Items we talk about on this episode:

  • Jenna’s essential items to bring to the beach

  • How to organize and carry gear to the sand

  • What makes a great beach location

  • Beach food ideas

  • Favorite beach activities

  • Making the beach fun - even with a baby

  • How to store beach gear at home

Jenna shares a many of her favorite beach essential items during this podcast. A few of her favorites are linked below:

Neutrogena Face Stick

Neso Tent

Spike Ball

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Fin Savers

Favorite North County San Diego Beaches: South Ponto, Moonlight Beach, Carlsbad Village/Tamarack Beach

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