Episode 006 How to Plan the Best Family Cruise with Dominique Barba

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Thinking about going on a cruise, but not sure where to start? Love cruising and want to learn some insider tips? Join us as Lisa talks with Dominique Barba all about booking a cruise, things to do on the ship, tips for shore excursions and more.

Be flexible and enjoy the moment.
— Dominique Barba

Show Notes

Items covered in this episode:

  • Why Dominique thinks cruising makes a perfect family vacation

  • The best & most popular cruising destinations

  • Things to consider when packing for a cruise

  • What type of activities should people expect on most cruises?

  • Dominique’s recommendations for finding great excursions

  • How to find the best cruise prices

Dominique’s Favorite Travel Item

This Poncho Blanket

Blog post about the blanket

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