Episode 007 Simple Ways to Make National Parks Sensational for Kids with Stephanie McClellen

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National Parks make excellent vacation destinations for families. Learn from mom and travel pro, Stephanie McClellen, as she talks with Lisa about many of the US national parks she has visited with her family. They talk about lodging, food and things to do in many of the national parks. We hope this episode inspired you to get out and explore a national park with your family!

Pick up a rock. Pick up a stick. My kids have all day entertainment when they are outdoors.
— Stephanie McClellen

Show Notes

Lisa and Stephanie cover these topics:

  • Why National Parks are a great, family-friendly destination

  • Planning out an itinerary when visiting the parks

  • Zion, Bryce, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Hawaii Volcano National Park

  • Favorite things to do at each of the above listed parks

  • Where to stay when visiting the parks

  • What’s the food plan when in National Parks?

Every Kid in a Park (4th graders get a free park pass for a year)


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