Episode 008 Discovering the Best Hidden Gems of San Diego with Madeline Schmidt

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Come learn about hidden gems in San Diego that are perfect for family travel. The bonus is that most are totally free! We know that San Diego has fabulous beaches, zoos and amusement parks, but there is so much more to explore! Join Lisa as she learns from Madeline Schmidt about many hidden gems in San Diego.

Making time to get out and explore gives us time to enjoy something together as a family.
— Madeline Schmitz

Show Notes

Beach Area

Sunset Cliffs

Graffiti Shack

Tide Pooling

La Jolla Cover


Urban Area

7 Bridges Walk (with lunch @ Hillcrest)

San Diego Murals Scavenger Hunt

Favorite Hiking App: All Trails

Connect with Madeline


Instagram @sdfamilytravelers

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