Episode 010 How to Do Home Exchanges for Budget Travel with Camille Romriell

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Are you ready to explore the world with budget friendly lodging options? Consider doing a home exchange! In this episode, Camille Romriell talks with Lisa all about the details involved with doing a home exchange. We cover tips for getting your account set up, finding a match for exchanging a house, setting your home up for guests, being a good guest and more.

Having kids doesn’t have to stop your travel life.
— Camille Romriell

Show Notes

Download any of Camille’s fabulous (and free) guide books here. Included in each guide is a detailed section all about home exchanges.

Curious about home exchanges? Learn more here.

Also, you can check out Camille’s blog post all about home exchanges.

Favorite sites for finding inexpensive flights

Scotts Cheep Flights


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