Episode 013 Practical Tips to Make Your Time in Flight the Best Experience with Kelli Allen

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We have the insider scoop on how to make your flight the best it can be. Lisa talks with former flight attendant, Kelli Allen, all about best practice in packing, things NOT to do on the flight, ways to find great flight deals and more. Join us and learn more about how to fly with ease.

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— Kelli Allen

Show Notes

Fly on red eye flights when you can.

Google Flights and Kayak are two favorite places to look for flights. Sign up for price alerts.

Instagram account @flightsfromhome shares great deals from Utah.

  • Flying isn’t always the most cost effective options but it is a time effective options.

  • Book the most direct flight you can afford.

  • Listen in to learn from Kelli about flight deals, packing tips, and ways to make your next flight with your family run smoothly.

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