Episode 014 Ways to Easily Inspire Wanderlust in Our Kids with Sarah Wilson

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Podcast Info: Teaching our children to love to travel can help them learn so many amazing life lessons from curiosity, acceptance, understanding and so much more. Join Lisa as she chats with Sarah Wilson about ways to easily inspire wanderlust in your kids. Learn how to incorporate food, books, trip planning and so much more into your daily life so your kids will learn to appreciate and love learning about new cultures.

Since childhood, travel has always been a spark in me.
— Sarah Wilson

Show Notes

Bravery Magazine

The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia - Gorgeous words + illustrations about a little girl on a big adventure.

Anne Frank

Pin Map - Create excitement around visiting new places by marking and displaying a pin map in your home.

Waypoint Travel Scarf - Sarah’s favorite travel scarf

Shore Trips - Sarah loved doing tours with the company in Mexico City

Students of the World - Find a Pen Pal!

Connect with Sarah Wilson

Instagram @thewanderingrumpus

The Wandering Rumpus Website

The Family Backpack

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