Episode 019 Smart Ways to Save for Trips and Travel More with Jonathan Osorio

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Have you heard of slow travel? It’s a concept that you should travel to a new place and spend time living like a local. You stay a while, relax and take your time exploring a new place. We have Jonathan Osorio joining the podcast this week to talk about the benefits of slow traveling and ideas for ways to make this happen for your family. We talk about budget-friendly ideas to make traveling for longer periods of time a possibility. He shares how he was able to go to Colombia for 2 months last year and have all of the costs covered. Come join us and listen in today!

Life isn’t about how much stuff we acquire. It’s about the relationships we build. Traveling gives us an opportunity to bond and grow closer to our loved ones.
— Jonathan Osorio

Show Notes

How to make slow travel (an extended stay in a new city) possible:

Rent your own home on Airbnb while you are traveling. Use that money to fund your trip.

Use credit card points to purchase airfare. Jonathan like American Express benefits.

Travel during the off season.

Create remote work opportunities so you can be away from home more than a week at a time.

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