Episode 018 How to Have Humanitarian Trips Inspire Teens with Blake Walker & Audrey Andrews

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Come learn from Blake Walker and Audrey Andrews all about their experiences with humanitarian trips for teens. Audrey has traveled on two different trips as a teenager and Blake went on a trip as a trip leader.

Sending your teen off to a foreign country on a humanitarian trip can be an intimidating experience, but Blake and Audrey will put your mind at ease and have you looking for a trip your teen can go on.

Listen in to learn about why a humanitarian trip can make such a big impact in the life of a teenager. You will also learn about what daily life is like on one of these trips and their biggest lessons learned from this experience.

A humanitarian trip gave me a greater appreciation for other cultures & made me more aware of how others live.
— Audrey Andrews

Show Notes

Blake and Audrey traveled with HEFY. This summer HEFY is offering 150 different trips to 19 different countries for teens ages 16 - 18.