026 Mom Approved Ways to Make Traveling with a Baby Amazing

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Does traveling with a baby make you feel a bit crazy and overwhelmed? You are not alone! There is a lot to think about when you are packing up for a trip with a baby. But with some intentional planning, traveling with your baby really can be an amazing experience.

Join Lisa with her guest, Ana Iturmendi, this week on the podcast where they talk about steps you can take to make traveling with your baby a smooth experience. Ana shares a few funny lessons she’s learned along the way!

It’s my vacation. I’m on holiday & there is no rush.
— Ana Inurmendi

Show Notes

Ana’s Blog Posts we talked about in the podcast.

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  2. Travel with the Baby

  3. Baby, Jet Lag and a New Time Zone

  4. Gear Items Ana’s Loves

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