Episode 029 How to Plan the Best Destination Family Reunion

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Have you thought about hosting a family reunion (or big group trip) and you are looking for ideas and inspiration? Join Lisa this week as she talks with Julie Karp all about planning a destination-based family reunion. They talk about the planning, picking a date, setting a budget, great destination options, creative activities to do together while traveling and so much more. They will break down the trip planning process into manageable steps and will get you on your way to planning your next big trip!

Looking for more family reunion inspiration? Check out Episode 027 where Lisa does a solo episode & she shares her tested ideas on hosting a family reunion close to home.

Work towards setting aside time to be together and watch everyone grow.
— Julie Karp

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Connect with Julie!

Julie is co-owner of Shoretrips with her husband, Barry. They offer excursions all around the world for travelers. They offer outings and adventures customizable to all ages, budgets, and adventure levels. They are perfect for a cruisers or people staying in a city.



  • You get to create experiences for your family when planning a reunion.

  • Ask professionals to help you plan.

  • Consider a cruise because many activities and food are organized for you.

  • Don’t disregard destinations close to home.

  • Work towards setting aside time to be together & watch everyone grow.

  • Set a reunion date a year ahead.

  • Delegate jobs: food, activities, evening games, etc.

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