Episode 030 How to Have Food Enhance Your Travel Experience

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It’s all about food this week! Join Lisa as she talks with her guest Mikelle Hembree all about the best ways to research, discover and find food while traveling or even while you are exploring your own town. Mikelle shares amazing stories about how food experiences have enhanced her travels and how you can create your own travel food memories.

Life is too short to eat mediocre food.
— Mikelle Hembree

Show Notes

Connect with Mikelle Hembree



Favorite ways to discover new food:

Google Reviews

Google Maps (keeps finds organized too)

Ask Fellow Travelers

Talk to Locals

Ask friends and family who have lived at your destination.

Food TV shows like Chopped

A few of Mikelle’s favorite places:

Malatesta Trattoria in NYC

Magnolia Bakery in NYC (Banana Pudding + Ice Box Cake)

La Brunelda in Seville, Spain

Bartelomea in Seville, Spain

Ruen Thai in London

Angelina’s in Paris for Hot Chocolate

Mikelle’s favorite travel item: The Yoyo Plus Baby Zen Stroller

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