Episode 032 How to Fly for (Almost) Free

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Learning how to fly for almost free can change your travel life! Join Lisa as she talks with Lyn Mettler about the ins and outs of figuring out how to get flights for almost free. You won’t want to miss learning about how to make the most of airline and credit card points.

Be sure to check out the special page Lyn set up with such useful info for all of our This Travel Tribe listeners. She complied a lot of the info we talked about in this episode right here.

Flying for almost free has changed our family’s life.
— Lyn Mettler

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Be sure to listen in on the podcast to this episode with Lyn to learn all of the details about the list below.

Check out this link to head to Lyn’s site and see a full summary of this podcast episode.

Episode Notes

  • You can earn miles without flying on a plane.

  • Lyn’s favorite airline is Southwest. One of the reasons why is their annual companion pass.

Ways to Earn Points

Ways to Stretch Your Points

  • Watch for cheeper itineraries (fly early/late in the day)

  • Buy when Southwest has a sale

  • Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday

  • Check flight after it’s booked to see if point price has dropped and request a refund for the difference. (Go to change/cancel, enter info and you will see if the price has changed.)

  • Consider flying out of a nearby airport if the points are less from that city.

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