Hello there! I’m Lisa Andrews and I’m happy to welcome you to our space.

Ward and I have been married for 22+ years and we have three wonderful teenagers. We love to get out and see the world and we also love to cuddle under a blanket on our couch and watch a movie. It’s all about balance!

We have made traveling a priority in our family for a variety of reasons. First, we love to get out and explore together. We also believe that traveling brings gratitude into our lives for both the opportunity to see new places and the understanding that we live a blessed life.

We love the opportunity travel gives us to teach our kids problem solving skills and learning opportunities.

Most importantly, travel gives us a space to grow and develop our family relationships. We are able to step away from our daily responsibilities and focus on each other.

We are grateful you are here and hope you will feel inspired to make a plan and make memories with your loved ones.