Hello there! I’m Lisa Andrews and I’m happy to welcome you to this space.

My wanderlust was developed as a child when my parents, four younger siblings, and I would pack up in our suburban and go on a long road trip each summer. We spent time exploring our home state of Arizona plus many of the western states. We loved the beach in Carlsbad, CA, seeing the hot pots and geysers in Yellowstone, and hiking in the Grand Tetons. I’ll be forever grateful to my parents for instilling a love for exploring and discovering new places as one of my passions.

Now that my husband and I have three fabulous teens, we work to instill values of curiosity, kindness, bravery, and gratitude in our kids through our travels. Our family of five has had the opportunity to explore much of the United States and beyond since our kids were little. Traveling with kids at any age is special, but I’ve got to admit that I really love traveling with teens. They can pack (& carry!) their own bags, help navigate, and have input on places and things they want to do and see while we explore.

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Thank you for joining me here and I look forward to sharing family travel inspiration with you.